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Noobs Rally 2018 - 4 Riders Stories

This is the 12th annual Noobs Rally and the 3rd for Great Southwest Moto Adventures. We have 4 bikes rented this year so, what the heck, why not go for 4 days of fun with a bunch of mostly dirt bike guys. There are expected to be over 300 riders this year with a lot of new riders a.k.a. Noobs.

It is a lot of fun getting to know new people and passively helping the Noobs out. At GSMA we're sending 4 riders and bikes out for their own unique experience. Check out their brief stories below.

So Greg, rented an Africa Twin (DCT) with the automatic. No clutch and no gear shift. After going over how the bike works he took off for about 2 hours and returned with a huge smile, laughing and sharing stories of his new favorite bike. He had a little difficulty for about the first half-hour and then was sold on the bike. Having never ridden the African Twin before and never an automatic he was a little apprehensive at first. Now, he wants one and he is insisting on a DCT. He said "Who needs a clutch? I know how they work and I don't need one any more." Greg is right. The DCT, in my humble opinion, is the future for big bikes. It is unlikely the dirt bike crowd will go that way but, who knows, they may some day.

My neighbor, Tim, from San Diego, is new to off-road riding and has a DRZ that is used but is tricked out to the nines He is so excited and is asking questions wanting to learn and is eager to experience the freedom and adventure that ADV riding brings. Tim came to the event to meet Jimmy Lewis and experience the magic of the Noobs Rally.

I dropped a bike off to Jeff in Pahrump on the way to the Rally, a KLR 650. He and a friend just complete a Jimmy Lewis training class over the last couple of days and he and his riding buddy are spending the next 5 days riding Death Valley and working their way back to Vegas. Jeff was sore from all the repetitive drills Jimmy puts them through but jazzed about the week of fun ahead. There is not better way than to put in saddle time right after taking a Jimmy Lewis class to create the right riding habits and work on the muscle memory needed to keep you safe when the unexpected happens.

Tim came to Vegas a few days in advance of the Noobs Rally and rented an Africa Twin for 4 days. He is riding to Panamint Springs to attend the Rally. Something he has done many times. Tim looks to be a serious rider that will get the most of the days. As I sit here writing this blog Tim is pulling across the street to fill up at the gas station to get an early start.

It's great to see an event setup specifically for newer riders. It is all about the NOOBS.