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New Adventure Route Under Development in the Nevada Outback

Thrill seeker. Adventure junkie. Obsessed. Hey, call it what you want. Our passion is about riding across the wide expanse of open land, cresting the top of the next hill or mountain, and the rush that comes with what is unexpected on the other side. Maybe it's the most breathtaking view of an alpine meadow, maybe it's the scariest descent that you're a little too tired to handle, or maybe it's a fellow ADV rider wondering what you just rode across on the back side. Seeking adventure, experiences, awesome memories, and discovering new and exciting places has been a personal passion and driving force behind everything we do.

Last year we finished routing the Nevada BDR for the Backcountry Discovery Route organization. Our goal was to share a portion of what Nevada has to offer with the adventure motorcycle community. The team behind the route did a great job of setting up a wonderful experience for riders. We're beyond proud of the final product and thankful to so many wonderful people that helped make it happen.

If you were to take a single thread and lay it across a map of Nevada to demarcate the Nevada BDR you will see just that; a single thin thread touching an unbelievably narrow and long route across the state. There is still so much more of Nevada to share with the world beyond that single route and at Great Southwest Moto Adventures we're determined to do more.

So, what's next for restless adventurers that are willing to take on more? Adventurers that still feel the magnetism calling them to explore? Being said "adventurers", our newest focus is to create another route across Nevada weaving a thin thread from Jarbidge, Nevada south over 1,200 miles of dirt tracks back to Las Vegas.

Can you imagine the adventure in store when you can ride from Oatman, Arizona to the Idaho border for roughly 1,000 miles and then connect to an entirely new route heading south for another 1,200 miles bringing you close to your starting destination? We're stoked to showoff more of the Wild West frontier of Nevada and share more trails and experiences with the adventure motorcycle community.

About 15 years ago we did a ride along the east side of Nevada crossing into and out of Utah along the way that took us to Jackpot, Nevada at the Idaho border. We saved the old tracks and maps and still remember the huge WOW factor from over a decade ago. With those memories and our new route concept, Jeff Anderson and I did a pre-run several weeks ago over 1,126 miles developing this new route. Just like the BDR we are connecting existing public access roads and trails along the way taking riders to the coolest destinations, most amazing mountain passes, huge vistas, rural communities for food, showers, libation, and a good night’s sleep, as well as offering really nice camping opportunities and some great fishing spots.

So far, I would say we are about 70% complete; however, we will be developing this route over the remainder of this year to get it adventure ready. Here are some of the places the thread of this new route will touch:

Rural Communities:

Alamo, Caliente, Panaca, Pioche, Ursine, Baker, Ely, Lund, Wells, and Jackpot among others.


Mount Ella, the Meadow Valley Wash, Delamar Ghost Town, Pahranagat Lakes & National Wildlife Refuge, Echo and Eagle Valley reservoirs, Great Basin National Park, Lehman Caves, the Ruby Mountains, Cave Lake, Angel Lake, and too many more to mention.

In developing the NVBDR we received many comments requesting less sand, more difficulty, better camping, etc. We listened to your feedback and are making adjustments in the new route to include more expert level alternates, great fishing and camping spots, and the beauty of the eastern side of Nevada.

Our last outing lasted 6 days over 1,126 miles of amazing backcountry. Jeff and I do it as a labor of love but, also, as a way to satisfy our passion for hard-core adventure, something we have been doing together for over 2 decades!

As we continue to explore this newest adventure route across Nevada and Utah we will keep the adventure community informed and entertained via social media and our new monthly Great Southwest Moto Adventures newsletters and blogs.

In about a week, following the BMW MOA in Salt Lake City, Utah we will be heading out to ride across a very large private ranch in Nevada over 3 days to see how we might include it in the new route or as a possible extension to the NVBDR. Our plan is to host an invitation only special event at the ranch in 2018.

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If you're interested in riding more of Nevada let us know what you're looking for! We'd love to hear from you. Happy trails...

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