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Utah Ladies Ride!

We just finished a five day ladies only adventure ride over roughly 700 miles with not one, but two professional ice climbing guides from Antartica. This is a great story about how two adventuresome ladies reconnected after many years and rekindled an old friendship.

Last year, at the Land of Enchantment BMW Rally in New Mexico, Great Southwest Moto Adventures donated a Utah Adventure Ride as the grand prize. The Club decided to handle the donation as a silent auction so a signup sheet was available to write bidding amounts for the ride. The funds received were designated for use by the Club as they desired. It was at the signup sheet that things changed for our two lady adventurers.

Nelson was signing up for a bid when, behind her, Denise was next in line. They both wanted to win the Utah Adventure. It was at that very spot and point in time that the two of them recognized one another from the past. They were both guides in Antartica and Alaska decades before and this was the first time they saw one another since. They were both surprised and excited to rekindle their old friendship.

To keep this short, Nelson won the Utah Adventure Ride and Denise was offered the opportunity to purchase a second ride for herself for the winning amount, so she did just that.

Last week, we held the first annual Utah Ladies Adventure Ride with these two fun loving and thrill seeking women. Both of them exhibit a real passion of adventuring by motorcycle and both showed they are real bike riders in the dirt. No complaining, no whining, and nothing was going to get in their way. These ladies did better than many men and smiled all the way through the thick and thin of it all. Regardless of the weather, the continuous changes due to fires in the area, and the dust and dirt from a long drought, Nelson and Denise were a real blast to ride with and impressive individuals.

There is nothing quite like guiding a couple of professional guides to measure up to how the job should be done. Overall we received very positive feedback and they both are prepared to do it again next year. Below are their comments on the trip:

"Thank you sooooo soon much for an awesome trip - hopefully you have more insight into what girls are made of - NOT sugar and spice! Everything we did was memorable, inspiring, and just down right fun. Let's do it again. You are a great team - you compliment each other perfectly. Love, Nelson"

"We love you! I had so much fun and was adequately challenged [and] fully, happily entertained. Looking forward to our next ride :) Denise".

We had a great weekend adventuring with these ladies and are looking forward to more adventures with them in the future!