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Take Off Across the Horizon

When was the last time you looked across the horizon and thought about going there?

Thinking about it is a good start but going there is what Liv'n Life is all about. The spirit of adventure and drive to explore is what turns thought into action. The Southwest is so wide open, expansive and ripe for Adventure.

Why wait?

The less traveled back roads, dirt roads and trails offer the most exciting opportunities to explore, discover and create amazing memories. No matter how many times I ride a route or trail it is never the same. The time of year, time of day, weather, wind and diversity of the wildlife and vegetation still makes each trip a unique experience. Each time I seem to notice something new and exciting.

Not everyone suffers from Intense Adventure Syndrome (IAS). Everything else gets a name - why not the adventure junkie? The nut case that constantly looks for excuses to stay out in the world instead of coming home.

I run across others with the syndrome; most of them out on the road searching for an escape from the stuff of life.

There is always an excuse to not follow your passion. You have to make the time. You have to make the commitment. Make it happen.

If you wait too long you will be old, tired, and looking in the rear view mirror. Looking back at all the opportunities there once were.

Make a commitment to yourself and create the time to adventure, explore, and enjoy whatever your passion may be. You know how hard you have worked – YOU DESERVE IT!

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