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What we Share as ADV Riders in the Back Country

As our Great Southwest Moto Adventures group has traveled into Moab and across the back country of Colorado we have been fortunate enough to meet many dual-sport and adventure riders along the way. Here are a few of the take-aways this ADV rider would like to share:

  • Every rider is a happy rider. Mother nature can make for some miserable riding conditions in the back country but passionate riders seems to always laugh it off.

  • I have seen riders fight mud for 50 miles stretches, fall into stream crossings, and crash in almost any variety of ways but they always dust it off, laugh about it, and ride on.

  • Adaptability is key

  • Because very few ADV rides go exactly as planned, riders do not let changes bother them and challenges are seen as opportunities.

  • On the trail we are all brothers and sisters

  • Every time we run across other riders at challenges such as large washouts, nasty stream crossings or huge rock gardens everyone becomes one team. Time and time again we help those we do not even know and they, in turn, help us.

  • Your bike problem is our bike problem

When you have a bike break it is so cool to see other riders stop regardless of the time consumed and change their plans to help with problems and issues. In the back country riders look after themselves, their fellow riders, and riders they don't know and have never met before.

Although ADV riding is exciting and challenging it is amazing how this group of motorcycle enthusiasts help one another along the way. Off-road riders are an awesome group and I am one rider that is very proud of being a member of this special group of people.