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What About a Nevada Back Country Discovery Route?

Last month, I made the trek to the 3 Step Hideaway near Moab, Utah to meet with the key players of the non-profit, Back Country Discovery Routes (BDR). The event was limited to 45 participants as a fund raising and riding opportunity. However, for me, the business at hand was to visit with and start a conversation with the BDR folks about a Nevada Back Country Discovery Route. Amazingly, the BDR group is excited about Nevada as an addition to the current list of BDR routes.

It was explained to me that after developing the Idaho route, the BDR group made great friends with the State of Idaho and they, in turn, are helping to reach out to other State Directors of Tourism, in support of the continuation of the BDR routes. Idaho has recognized the value of managed travel and the economic advantages adventure tourism brings to remote and rural areas. Like Idaho, the Nevada’s Commission on Tourism is reaching beyond the large tourist centers of Las Vegas and Reno to bring tourism business to rural Nevada. With the decline of agriculture and mining

Adventure Tourism can be a life line and future for many small businesses and residents in rural communities.

A prime example of a highly successful trail system is in the neighboring State of Utah with the Paiute Trail System. This trail system brings tens of millions of dollars to rural communities, creates thousands of jobs and vibrant opportunities for what were once dying economies.

New Mexico is being routed this summer and it looks like Nevada will be on the tentative list for 2016/2017. I will stay in touch with the folks at BDR and have pledged to help them develop a Nevada Back Country Discovery route. It will be glorious to run from Laughlin to the Jarbridge Range in Northern Nevada and link with the newly formed 1,400 mile Idaho route.

Stay tuned. Our rural communities need the business and adventure riders will have another magnificent route to see the glory, history, and huge expanses that make Nevada a very special destination for the ADV enthusiast.