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What Type of Riding is Your Favorite?

Remember that old saying, "if at first you don't succeed, try, try again". When you find a way to develop and share your passions with others you begin to realize how important it is to stay positive and always push ahead. Think how easy it could be to say "well I tried" or "it just didn't work out", or maybe "the timing wasn't right". These are excuses and not facts. There's always a reason to continue if you're working towards something logical and fulfilling. Yet, in a busy world with so much competition it can be easy to let go of a goal and take the easy road out.

As motorcyclists, we prefer the hard way out, specifically that twisty, windy road that requires attention to detail and mental and physical exertion. That's why we're chugging along at Great Southwest Moto Adventures (GSMA) and focusing on developing this company through the twisty, windy roads that it takes us through. It's not always easy. As a CEO for a booming construction company in the Las Vegas Valley and sitting on many local boards and community groups; some weeks it's hard to sit down and focus on the real passion, which is GSMA and adventure riding. Yet, through each riding event we head off to, and each person we share our mission with, we find fulfillment and perseverance.

It seems as if our biggest challenge is determining our focus. Since riding from a young age we enjoy taking the beaten path and leaving the pavement behind. Riding in an advanced group is rewarding and intense and it's something we'd love to share with others who are looking to spread their wings. However, often times, riders may fall into a more beginner/intermediate riding level and as a company we want to support all riders regardless of their skill set. That's why we have made our adventure rides (for the time being) focused on the more intermediate riding group, which offers fun and challenges along the way. Yet, in the future, once we gain momentum, our goal is to offer many dirt-focused rides that are developed without a set agenda so that we can get out and just go!

Also to start, many of our rides are focused on the Las Vegas tourist industry and supporting local motorcycle companies and businesses. That's why rides take place not only in Utah but also in Las Vegas when the weather is a bit cooler (think fall and winter months). But, these tourist focused rides take away from our connection with many of the rallies and other motorcycle fanatics we meet on our trips supporting the adventure motorcycle community in the Great Southwest region. Most often, these hardcore adventure riders want to ride alone or with one other person, through difficult terrain and they don't want to pay for all the bells and whistles that a touring type company might offer.

What do you guys think? What type of riding do you like to do and what are the pro's and con's of going out with GSMA for a weekend adventure? As we're fine-tuning our final business plan and determining our target markets we're interested in what other motorcycle fanatics are looking for!