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North Las Vegas Motorcycles - Harley or BMW?

Very soon the North Las Vegas (NLV) Police Department will select between Harley or BMW for their motor patrol officers. It is an obviously easy decision once the data is reviewed.

Luckily, I have been privy to actual data supporting the initial purchase price of new and existing bikes and maintenance costs for the current fleet. In order to understand the numbers I setup a spreadsheet to help with the analysis. Here are a few of the conclusions based upon an assumed purchase of nine motorcycles:

  • A purchase of nine BMW motorcycles saves tens of thousands of dollars compared to Harley over the original purchase price

  • Maintenance costs are significantly less for BMW versus Harley

  • The typical life cycle for a BMW is 2-3 years more for BMW than Harley. Harley’s are typically retired at 45-50 thousand miles while BMW's are still going strong at 75 thousand miles.

In summary the purchase of nine BMW police motorcycles will yield a savings of roughly $250,000 over an estimated seven year life cycle. The Officers, by far, prefer to ride the BMW's because they are a more rider friendly bike that has superior handling, braking and acceleration. In essence, BMW is a much safer motorcycle to operate. Logically, one could reasonably assume that officer accidents and injuries will be reduced providing a yet to be determined savings over and above the numbers presented in this article.

Once the data was analyzed the decision is obvious. What I would consider, a no brainer.

Stay tuned and let's hope the City of NLV Police Department makes the right choice for citizens and the city.