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Growing up with a Motorcycle Fanatic

Growing up I spent many weekends on the back of my dad's Big Wheel motorcycle at the Armargosa Sand Dunes just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. When I was very young we had a car seat type contraption that secured me so I could ride comfortably with my dad around the camp. Looking back I'm surprised my mom allowed him to do that but from his years of experience on a motorcycle I know she trusted him completely.

As I grew older my parents purchased a cabin just a ways from Duck Creek, Utah and we would go up there every chance we could get for a quick weekend getaway. I can still remember my dad saying each car ride up there, "do you see that mountain ridge over there? I've ridden all across there".

My dad and I were always buddies and we spent much of our time in Utah on our own rides around the neighborhood and on nearby trails. As I grew older and my skills developed we branched out further from the cabin and explored the vast landscape that Southern Utah has to offer. Along the way we ran across various animals, spent many nights camping out and fishing, and I spent a lot of time learning to ride the ATV on my own.

My dad's passion for motorcycles has always been apparent. We have teased him for his addiction and always admired him for his love for the sport. It really is a lifestyle and from the start he has embraced adventure motorcycling. In middle school and high school he would branch out with groups of 20-50 guys and spend weeks touring Utah by ATV. These trips were infamous among the guys and he enjoyed every moment being out there.

I would say that sometimes we worry about him. He's gone for days at a time, on the road now with his GS and crazy drivers but he always comes back, sometimes it just takes longer than others. He doesn't mind when hiccups happen in the trip and things don't go according to plan. He makes each moment count and from years of experience he can face almost any hardship while off the beaten path. If anything, he enjoys the curveballs that can be thrown at him.

Motorcycle riding has always been a part of my life, whether ATV riding, motocross racing, or through street bikes. I'm proud to say my dad's a motorcycle addict, especially because he found ways to make his family love and appreciate the sport along with him. So, who's the motorcycle fanatic in your family? We all have one, right?!