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The Benefits of Adventure Tourism in Nevada

Nevada is an amazingly large state. Try riding across Nevada by dirt or by street from Arizona to Idaho and you will gain a first hand understanding of the immense solitude and grander of the Silver State. Mountain rangers running from south to north, one after the other, making east to west off-road travel a real challenge. Did you know Nevada is the most mountainous state in the contiguous United States? The only State with more mountains is Alaska.

History dots the landscape with mines, ghost towns, old railroad line (most abandoned) and the natural beauty. The beauty of Nevada, from off-road, cannot be put into words adequately. It must be experienced. Fox, coyotes, lynx, mountain lions, big horn sheep, burros, mustangs and many other forms of wildlife are everywhere away from urban areas. The desert is alive and uniquely beautiful with flora of the desert Southwest.

If Carson City, Reno and the Las Vegas valley is excluded from the list of Nevada communities all that is left are small rural communities, each searching for economic growth and sustainability. Imagine how great it would be to create a south to north trail system connecting small communities to new opportunities like off-road Adventure Motorcycle Tourism.

Next month, I am meeting outside Moab, Utah with the founders of the non-profit known as Back Country Discovery Routes (BDR) to seek out the development of a trail system that will share Nevada with others and create improved standards of living for our rural neighbors.

Wish me luck!