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Horizons Unlimited 2014

An Overview

Last week, Great Southwest Moto Adventures spent 5 days in Mariposa California at the gateway to Yosemite attending the Horizons Unlimited 2014 annual event. We setup a booth and sought to understand what it is the Adventure Riding Community is interested in by surveying attendees. The feedback is invaluable and it will help us design our 2015 ride calendar that fits your unique preferences. The survey is available online here, we would love to hear your thoughts!

There were roughly 300-400 riders with seminars, talks, demonstrations and a shared passion for Adventure Riding that can't be matched. Horizons Unlimited 2015 will be coming up next year on September 24 - 27 and I highly recommend the event; it is educational, informative and a fun way to get to know others in the riding community.

Who we Met

I was able to meet Jimmy and Heather Lewis of the Jimmy Lewis Off-Road Riding School and am especially thankful for that introduction. Jimmy and Heather are very passionate motorcycle enthusiasts and offer an outstanding rider training program. Simple, understandable, logical and presented using a very common sense approach. Jimmy and Heather know how to ride and they are masters at teaching others the skill.

Great Southwest Moto Adventures donated a Utah 2015 Adventure Ride to a very cool and worthwhile charity at the event - Lost for a Reason. Lost for a Reason was the event charity and for “good reason”. The father and son team of Ron Jr. and Ron Sr. touched my heart because of their good work and willingness to help others. The Utah 2015 Adventure Ride is being auctioned by way of the Lost for a Reason website at Be sure to watch Ron’s very touching video at here. All funds raised support their efforts and the winner receives a Utah ride in 2015. Help a worthy cause and don't miss out on this Adventure riding experience!

I hope to see you at Horizons Unlimited 2015.