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How to Navigate a Swarm of Bees - On Motorcycle...

Have you ever been on a motorcycle with you face shield up and run straight into a swarm of bees while traveling about 80 M.P.H.? Not just a few hundred of them but thousands of them. Here is my true life experience:


Oh Sh&*!


You only have a few seconds so - What do you do? Throw yourself over the tank and try to hide behind your windshield, freeze, wet yourself, grab your face shield... I had just enough time to try to duck behind the windshield with limited success. My helmet filled with bees my jacket was covered in them and my windshield was a spatter of insect insides.


Now that you have a helmet full of pissed off bees and those that are still alive are injured and crawling inside and outside you jacket - What is next? Slam on the brakes, pull over and slow down, keep going and do the bee dance while still traveling at 80 M.P.H.? In my case I kept going scrapping bees out of my helmet where the cheek pads and face intersected while spitting bee parts out of my mouth and dusting off bees while traveling at what seemed to be warp speed. Ya - I did the bee dance. Luckily, I suffer from geriatric eye sight so, the good news is, I was wearing glasses; otherwise, this might be a blog about recovering from an 80 M.P.H. wreck.


Keep calm, stay in control and bee cool.

Over the years I have run into swarms of bees like this on various occasions and have had the greatest concern. You know - the killer bees. One other thing; if you are ever riding down the blacktop and you see a truck pulled over with a high pile of white boxes be proactive and know they are bee keepers transporting millions of bees, so be aware; that they don't stay in their little white homes. They are all over the highway waiting for some unsuspecting motorcyclist to drive right into the swarm hanging over the asphalt.