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Dirt or Pavement... That is the Question.

Since you’re on the GS Moto Adventure website you already know how exciting motorcycle riding can be, no matter the location. You understand how the freedom, independence and exhilaration makes the world melt away by experiencing the excitement of just being out there and living life.

Your decision is – Do I ride on the pavement or the dirt? Here is a simple comparative list to help make the decision easier


  • 95% of the roads on earth are unpaved

  • Surface - gravel, dirt, hard, soft, irregular

  • ruts, mud, sand, gravel, rocks

  • Traction - highly variable

  • Dirt & dust

  • Riding Technique - highly adaptive

  • Challenge depends on the rider

  • Little vehicular traffic and risk

  • Freedom, fun & enjoyable


  • 5% of roads on Earth are paved

  • Surface - smith and consistent, occasional pot holes and debris

  • Traction - occasionally variable

  • Much cleaner

  • Riding Technique - less adaptive

  • Challenge depends on the rider

  • Greater vehicular traction and risk

  • Freedom, fun & enjoyable

Let's do the math

If you ride only the asphalt you will have the opportunity to experience 1/20 of what the dirt rider experiences. Conversely, the dirt rider has 19 times more to see and experience than the pavement rider. Wow!

Although the list is not all inclusive and comparisons are arguable the important thing is that you enjoy the experience. Which do you prefer, dirt or pavement? How would you finish the math problem?