Las Vegas Honda Africa Twin Rental

$198 per day


The Honda Africa Twin had such a huge impact on our company we sold all our other "big bike" brands and bought a fleet of Honda's newest and hottest adventure bikes. We're all about riding the best and we want the same for our customers. The Africa Twin is a no-brainer for the Southwest terrain.  Riding on the tarmac or on the dirt the bike rides like a dream and is fun to handle. 

We outfit our Africa Twins with DOT approved knobbie tires, heavy duty (HD) tubes, HD skid plates, crash bars, pannier racks, larger foot pegs and tank bags containing USB, ASE or cigarette lighter charging connectors to keep all your technology going in the backcountry.

Mounted to the frame is a special storage tube filled with all the necessary tools and flat fixing goodies, plus air cartridges to deal with any pinch flats in the field.  We also use the Trail Master crash guard bags each with a spare HD front and rear tubes.  Oh, and we also include a First Aid kit in case of an emergency or bee sting out in the great wide expanse of "nowhere". 

Other accessories are available such as soft panniers, tail bags, helmets, gloves, GPS, etc. We also offer camping equipment (besides sleeping bags) which are available upon request.  Did I mention we have new Bell ADV helmets available so you don't have to hassle with the mess of flying with a bulky helmet? We thought you might appreciate that! 

Want to bring your own gear? Feel free to ship it to us and we'll have it ready for pick-up with your rental. We'll also store any luggage while you're out exploring the historic Southwest whether that be on a self-guided adventure or one of our well-crafted adventure tours! 

Our goal is to make it easy and provide exceptional service along the way. Before you take off on your rental we'll also provide the contact information for a friendly GSMA rep in case of any emergencies while in the backcountry. What are you waiting for? Let's ride! 

Las Vegas Honda Africa Twin Rental


  • Engine Displacement: 998cc

  • Max Horsepower: 93.9 @ 7,500 rpm

  • Wet Weight: 503 pounds

  • Fuel Capacity: 4.9 gallons

  • Seat Height: Std.  34.3”, Low  33.5” 

Standard Features & Optional Upgrades


Know Before You Book

Rental Hours: 8 am - 5 pm

Rental Pick Up & Drop Off:

Pick up and drop off is at our GSMA shop located at 102 E. Mayflower Ave., N. Las Vegas, NV 89030. 

Rental requirements: 

  • Valid motorcycle endorsement on license

  • 25 + years of age 

  • Proper riding gear (helmet, goggles, jacket, boots, etc.) 

  • $15 per day renter's insurance through MBA insurance (details will follow in the confirmation email) 

What can I expect the day of my rental? 

 We'll have you sign our liability waiver and double check that the renter's insurance is purchased. In addition, we'll go over the bike controls and conduct a visual inspection of the bike. This includes us filling out a check out form together so we're both aware of the current condition of the motorcycle. On return we'll do a similar walk around to check the bike back in.

What's included with my rental? 

  • Ride recommendations and general mapping of the Southern Nevada area (upon request) 

  • Tank bags w/ USB, ASE, and cigarette lighters to charge all your electronics 

  • All the necessary tools and spare HD tubes for fixing unruly flats 

  • First Aid kit

  • Fully outfitted bike (DOT approved knobbie tires, heavy duty (HD) tubes, HD skid plates, crash bars, pannier racks, and larger foot pegs)

  • Contact information for a GSMA rep in case of an emergency 

  • Full tank of gas 

  • Helmets, gloves, panniers, and other items can be added to your rental purchase during checkout for a minimal fee.