Great Southwest Moto Adventures was founded to share the passion and experiences gained over 4 decades of ADV motorcycling in the Southwest so that others may experience the beauty, excitement, and memories found beyond the pavement. We seek to provide opportunities for others to learn, practice, develop skills and build confidence to adventure beyond their daily routines so they may enjoy a lifetime of adventure for themselves and with others.

Grand Canyon Motorcycle Tours

How It All Started


Great Southwest Moto Adventures founder, Curtis Cummings has participated in extreme off-road adventuring for decades traveling to the most remote and pristine areas of the American Southwest. For many years he has shared executive management and leadership positions throughout the Las Vegas community and he is now eager to share his love and passion for motorcycles and adventure with like minded motorcycle enthusiasts.

Curtis is well respected for his skills, knowledge, and expertise as an adventurer and leader. Supporting Tread-Lightly practices, the Backcountry Discovery Routes, and as members of the Blue Ribbon Coalition (among other organizations) we are moving forward as a professional organization devoted to preserving access for motorcycle enthusiasts from around the globe for generations to come.


It's Time to Get Out and Explore

Our services include motorcycle rentals and storage, custom self-guided tours, and route suggestions. Riding throughout the Southwest for as long as we have you find some beautiful places and share amazing experiences. We want to share those same experiences with other passionate adventure riders.